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Kriya Meditation Series

This seven week Kriya Meditation Series will be conducted by Srimati Kamala, Achariya Ajay Bauer, Achariya Fritz Kramer and Srimati Carrie in the Temple and will take place on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm from March 30 through May 11, 2016.

To become subjective and to learn to meditate, the mind requires guidance. It requires something to focus on that is at first so interesting and so absorbing-so drawing to the mind-that all lesser and weaker, self-limiting or selfish thoughts, will drop away. It requires a light or an illuminating thought. We can see from this why spiritual study and the understanding of one’s philosophy and ideal are vitally important. We can also understand why the use of a specific mantram (sacred symbolic word) and technique of meditation are held in such sacred esteem. And finally, we can appreciate the sublime power and purpose of the Mystic Cross, whose universal importance gradually dawns within our own consciousness with ascending meaning in illumination of truth. As we ascend this cross, the mind as the soul’s instrument and the greatest power of the universe, must become so subtle and so pure in its self-reflection that it can draw from the reservoir of the cosmic life energy itself.

Kriya Initiation is private, individual and according to the tradition of our gurus.

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Sunday Service :: March 27, 2016
Later Event: April 3
Sunday Service :: April 3, 2016