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Kriya Meditation Series


“Listen, my friend: Hast thou ever thought who thyself art…and whence thou hast come?”
—Moha Mudgar of Shankarachariya

We dedicate our Kriya Meditation Series to all devotees of God everywhere. Kriya is composed of our self-effort and self-unfoldment with the direct realization of God through meditation. May these seven weeks be for us a pilgrimage of soul, that we may gather each Wednesday evening for the purpose of renewing our dedication to the path of yoga.

Throughout each session we will explore the pertinent teachings from the tradition of Kriya brought to us by masters of enlightenment. Kriya, as a philosophy and as a specific practice, has been emphasized by the mystics of all faiths of all times and all lands. Each week we will explore the essential understandings necessary for those who aspire to the life of Kriya and spiritual practice. Basic to the practice of Kriya is the knowledge of Prana, the sacred breath of life; AUM, the sacred word—holy vibration; and meditation on Light.

The purpose of this Kriya meditation series is self-realization and individual sadhana. Spiritual study, reflection and meditation are essential to the life of Kriya. Everyone who aspires to the life, practice and ideal of yoga is welcome.

—Srimati Karuna

Earlier Event: April 21
Sunday Service :: April 21, 2019
Later Event: April 28
Sunday Service :: April 28, 2019