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Kriya Meditation Series

"The Vision of the Cosmic Self"

“In the effulgence of self-illumination the concept of duality vanishes, and a feeling of devotion engulfs the entire radiant consciousness; and gradually the revelation of the Self dispels all subjective delusion. At Kutastha, the eye of inner vision, the entire creative universe is perceived as a divine manifestation, and the limitlessness of the Self is also witnessed in joyous serenity.

Having gained the subjective vision of the formless Self, the Yogi desires to perceive the objective world in its spiritual essence, and to realize oneness with that impermeating spiritual reality; the Yogi recognizes the limitations of mind to reveal the indwelling and all-pervading Self in the manifested universe."

Srimad Bhagavad Gita,  translated and interpreted by Swami Premananda

Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, let the mind be a reflection of the Soul. 

In its simplicity and purity the "Samadhan" mind is not dominated by ego or desire. It is free from attachment and objectivity. Universalized and subjective, loving and free—the Samadhan mind is tranquil and serene. The highest consciousness is the pure reflection of self-subjectivity.

—Srimati Karuna

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