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Kriya Meditation Series

"Meditation on Light"

“The innermost radiant light within the spiritual eye is the mystic door of God revelation. When the mind remains firmly established on that radiant light, it is gradually absorbed by the ever expanding effulgence pervaded with the pure self-consciousness that finally leads to the realization of the absolute Self, Brahman.”

—Kaushitaki Upanishad

“If the splendor of 1000 suns were to shine at once in the sky, that might begin to resemble the glory of the Cosmic Self.”

—Bhagavad Gita

The purpose of meditation is to reveal the light of soul, the source of life, intelligence and love which joins together all realms of creation.

We are attempting to spiritualize every area of life in the light of Yoga

As the sun lifts above the horizon, so, too, is our consciousness lifted in self-unfoldment. Our aspiration for enlightenment is not merely to be a light unto ourselves but to share that light with others. 

God is the eternal Light guiding the entire universe. That Light illumines our soul with revelations of Truth and Perfection.

Srimati Karuna

Earlier Event: May 5
Sunday Service :: May 5, 2019
Later Event: May 12
Sunday Service :: May 12, 2019