"AUM. Let us meditate on the glory of that effulgent reality
from whom the whole universe is projected. May that enlighten our minds."

-Gayatri Prayer

Kriya Meditation

Kriya Meditation is open to everyone who aspires to the life, practice and ideal of Yoga.

Meditation is the key to spiritual life and illumination. It is the only way to know God and our soul, our true Self. Meditation is much more than study and discussion. Intellectual understanding and thoughtful deliberation are most vital and fundamental prerequisites to the attainment of subjective knowledge and wisdom. But they must lead to meditation. Meditation is the ultimate means of attaining the direct perception of spiritual truths.

A Kriya Meditation Series is conducted in the Temple on Wednesday evenings for seven weeks each spring. Evening Kriya Fellowship annually begins on the First Wednesday after Easter at 7:30pm and continues for 7 weeks.


Kriya Meditation Series 2018 - Wednesdays at 7:30pm, April 4 - May 16

This Kriya Meditation series offers an opportunity for us to devote ourselves to the purely subjective study of the "Traditions of Kriya".

All are cordially welcome.


Kriya Meditation Series 2018 Brochure.jpg

“Meditation is the pure means of realizing the oneness of God’s reality from within our soul’s own divine consciousness. It unites us with God and with all life. The sublime philosophy and practice is accessible to all and has been known and maintained from time immemorial within the mystical heart of all religious traditions.”  — Swami Kamalananda

“From time immemorial man has sought to find the way which leads to the realization of God, and he has discovered the path of God within himself and has called it Kriya Yoga. Literally Kriya Yoga is a Sanskrit expression of two words, Kriya and Yoga. Kriya means work. Yoga signifies union or oneness. In its spiritual connotation Kriya Yoga is the subjective method of meditation whereby the realization of soul’s oneness with God is attained. All mystic orders and all great religions teach the fundamental truth and technique of Kriya Yoga. All Avatars, the incarnations of the supreme Spirit, the saviors, the messengers of Light, have pointed to Kriya Yoga as the way of soul to God, the path of the self to the Self. Kriya Yoga is the mystic way of Self-realization.”  — Swami Premananda