A New Chapter - 2015

Achariya George Adams
Speaks on "A NEW CHAPTER – 2015"
Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 11:00am

This Sunday, as we approach New Year’s Eve 2015, we will close one chapter and open a fresh, new chapter in the book of our life story.  What this new chapter will bring is a choice for each of us.

Turning the pages of this new chapter, we will share moments of spiritual inspiration and introspection regarding the ingredients of a happy, joyous and peaceful life, ingredients that include spiritual insights into who we are and our relationship to the universe.   These ingredients also include the yoga(s) of divine love and service to our fellow man.

Along the way, we will listen to the call of our soul and our response to its call.   We will examine our life ideal and its importance to our life expression and reflect upon the messages of the avatars, sages and savants of all times and lands as they apply to us in our contemporary life. 

In addition, to the yoga(s) of love and service, we will determine the role that our mind plays in the building of our lives and consider the role of meditation in the enrichment and realization of the divine consciousness within each of us. 

In this next life chapter, we will learn that we are immortal beings, at one with the Supreme Spirit, advancing upon the evolutionary path of our soul, as it seeks to unfold its innate qualities toward the realization of its oneness with the light, wisdom and love of the transcendental, immortal, and unchanging Source of all that is.

The New Chapter—2015 is an opportunity for each of us to renew our relationship with ourselves, our fellow beings and most importantly with the Supreme Architect of the Universe.   God bless us!

--Achariya George 


From the Gurus and Swamis: AUM

"That is Perfect;  this is perfect. Out of That Perfection emanates this perfection. In the ocean of Perfection surge the waves of perfection. Yet that Perfection is never lost."


– "Light on Kriya Yoga," by Swami  Premananda


“What is the true and real purpose of my life?  It must be that I am here on earth in order to fulfill a definite goal.  Otherwise my life, nay my very existence in this world would become a meaningless pursuit of fruitless nothingness.   A life without a purpose is a blind venture in a vacuum….Therefore, the supreme ideal of my life here is twofold, the one is to reveal and realize the presence of God and his attributes within my pure and illumined consciousness and the other is to share all his divine gifts unto me with my fellowmen and fellow beings everywhere and always.”

—"The Abode of Peace Within My Consciousness"  by Swami Premananda

“How great is the power of our mind!  God has endowed our mind with powers so marvelous and mystifying that with them we are able not only to understand the truth of the created universe, but also to comprehend the majesty and magnificence of the cosmic Creator.
God is indeed the supreme Creator.  Man is also a creator.  Man creates by the powers of his mind, for in the potencies of the human mind shines the glory of God’s intelligence and creativeness.”

— "The Gayatri Prayer" by Swami Premanada

“But what is meditation?  Here I present the following five definitions of meditation:
     1.  Meditation is entering the kingdom of God within us….
     2.  Meditation is the establishment of mind on the attributes of God which adorn our soul…
     3.  Meditation is the way by which the desires of our soul are fulfilled…
     4.  Meditation is remembering the presence of God within us….
     5.  Meditation is soul’s communion with God.  Soul alone can directly commune with God."

— "Meditation and Self-unfoldment, The Divine Way of the Soul" by Swami Premananda

“Mind is the forerunner of all activity, mind is the highest among all sensory powers”

— "The Path of the Eternal Law: Dhammapada" translated by Swami Premananda

“Realization  transcends the sphere of intellect.  Self is beyond the mind.…Higher than all powers is the realization of immortality.

Superior to all happiness is the realization of oneself as absolute bliss.  The culmination of all knowledge is the realization of universal oneness.  This is self-realization.”

— "Srimad-Bhagavad-Gita, The Revelation of the Supreme Self" by Swami Premananda

Noble Thoughts ("Let Noble Thoughts come to us from all sides." —Rigveda)

“Far more indispensable than food for the physical body is nourishment for the soul. One can do without food for a considerable time, but a man of the spirit cannot exist for a single second without spiritual nourishment.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

“When love prevails, fear departs.  In the law of love—give all, sacrifice all.   Gain is irrelevant, so what is there to fear?


“Forgiveness is not an occasional act.  It is a permanent attitude.”

—Martin Luther King

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

—Joseph Campbell