Source of Perfection

Srimati Carrie
Speaks on "Source of Perfection"
Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 11:00am

God is the Source… and the Perfection.  We, as manifestations of that Source, are continually guided toward realization of that Perfection. We are guided by God, by Guru, by Nature, by Wisdom, Love and Beauty. All that inspires our spiritual unfoldment guides us to the Perfection that resides within us. With consistent and concentrated effort, let us meditate on the glory of that effulgent Reality, from whom the whole universe is projected.

-Srimati Carrie

From Gurus and Swamis:

“The source, the cause, and perfection of the visible world will always exist in the invisible. The knowledge of religion and philosophy will remain concealed from the perception of time and space of the visible world, eluding measure and mystifying objectified consciousness.”

-Swami Kamalananda, “Frontiers of the Spirit”

“In the beginning of Jnana Yoga, after the mind is made completely calm and objectless, the Yogi receives the first glimpse of the Self, as ever expanding effulgent consciousness imbued with joy. As the meditation itself deepens, in this or in some future existence, the Self is realized in its absolute perfection. Thus, man the Self, meditating on the Self, realizes himself as pure Consciousness-Existence-Bliss Absolute.”

“Let man be awakened to the knowledge of his indwelling divine light, and his whole life will become an enlightened progress to perfection, in both objective achievement and subjective revelation.”

-Swami Premananda, “The Path of Pure Consciousness”


Noble Thoughts:


Purnam adah purnam idam
Purnat purnam udacyate,
Purnasya purnam adaya
Purnam eva avasisyate.

“That is Perfect; this is perfect;
Out of That Perfection emanates this perfection;
In the ocean of Perfection surge the waves of perfection;
Yet that Perfection is never lost.”

-Upanishadic Invocation (Translated by Swami Premananda)

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

-Matthew 5:48

“As for God, His way is perfect.”

-Psalm 18:30

“God only taught the Perfect Man His Most Beautiful Names and placed them within him, because the Perfect Man is the spirit of the world and the world is his body.”

-From Ibn Arabi’s Summary of the Naqsh al-Fusus (Translated and compiled with commentary by William Chittick)

“Brahman, who projects his own qualities into manifestation as creation, gives guidance to each in perfecting its development. When the journey of self-unfoldment is completed, he draws all unto his transcendental absolute perfection.”

-Svetasvatara Upanishad, “Eight Upanishads” (Translated by Swami Premananda)