Achariya Ajay Bauer
Speaks on "Crossroads"
Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 11:00am

Our lives seem to be so complex these days with myriads of choices to be made and a seeming infinite number of paths open to us. In the clear light of discrimination, however, we perceive that, in reality, there are only two paths open to us: the path leading toward God or the path leading away from God; the path guided by ego or the path illumined by the light of soul; the ascending path or the descending path. At every moment in our lives we stand at the crossroads of these two paths. Which do we choose?

—Achariya Ajay

From the Gurus and Swamis: AUM

"We are always at the crossroads of our spiritual destiny.
Will we proceed along the same habitual route or take a new direction?
Will we repeat the same old problem or take a higher-minded course to solve them?

The old path offers only perpetuation of the old.
The new one will surely bring new challenges, but also the promise of greater happiness and wisdom."

—Swami Kamalananda, “Reflections on Still Waters”

"Let me present myself before my conscience
And judge my thoughts and deeds by the light of truth and righteousness.
Teach me to know myself as I am
With all my imperfections as well as my virtues.
The light of thy divinity shines forth within me in celestial radiance.
O God of wisdom and love, let me know my true self
And realize my oneness with the good and beauty of every heart."

—Swami Premananda, “Prayers of Self-Realization”

"Can sightless men appreciate the glory of light? Can the deaf know the charms of melody? Can those blinded by self-indulgence behold the health-and-beauty rays that flow from the sun of self-control? Can bewildered ones, spiritually poor but striving only for material riches, know aught of the wealth of peace?

"Father, help us to develop our powers of discrimination. May we be not satisfied with fulfillments of earthly hopes, essentially ego-tainted and limited.

Oh boundless being, Transcendent Treasure! Teach us to seek the highest goal - realization of Thee."

—Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, “Whispers from Eternity”

Noble Thoughts: ("Let Noble Thoughts come to us from all sides." —Rigveda)

"Buddhi  is the luminous light of mind. In its discriminating light mind no more pursues objects of desire, which purchased with pain, breed pain. In the dawn of right understanding, difference between real and unreal become clear,...the links of attachment are loosened and the search for truth begins."

—Raja Sir Dalgeet Singh, in "Sikh Ceremonies" by Joginder Singh

"What is called the voice of conscience is in reality the voice of God Himself...The greatest step towards perfection which a man can make, is to keep himself habitually in such a state that he can always hear the voice of God when He speaks, to endeavour to possess himself in peace, to avoid everything that may distract him, everything that makes him uneasy, everything to which he is inordinately attached."

—John Nicholas Grou, "Manual for Interior Souls"

"Control speech by mental effort; control the mind by the faculty of discrimination; control this faculty by the individual will; merge the individuality in the infinite absolute Atman and reach supreme peace.

Know, O wise one, that a man needs dispassion and discrimination as a bird needs its two wings. Without them, a man cannot reach the top of the vine from which flows the nectar of liberation.

—Shankara, "Shankara's Crest-Jewel of Discrimination"