Life Giving

Srimati Carrie Trybulec
Speaks on “Life Giving”
Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 11:00am

On this blessed Mother’s Day, let us our turn our reflection to the life giving power of that indwelling Self of us all.  

When the infinite becomes finite in this individual life, it does not lose its infinity. It is merely granting that life giving power to manifest in cosmic form.

-Srimati Carrie


Thou Perfect Giver of Bountiful Life,
Open my mind and heart to Life
That I may be ever mindful of the blessedness of human birth.
Thou has given me this life to realize Thy Life,
This mind to channel Thy Light,
This Heart to offer Thy Love. 

-Swami Kamalananda, “Reflections on Still Waters”

True human life is a process of sacrifice of the immediate, the individual and the apparent for a realization of life that is eternal, infinite and formless. That process of resolution of duality’s contradictions, separation and incomprehension is yoga.

-Swami Kamalananda – Frontiers of the Spirit

Creation has three stages of manifestation, namely, involution, evolution, and a third stage. It is difficult to find any single word to express the latter, but for our purpose let us call it the state of almost-perfection. These three stages of creation are parallel to and dominated by the three creative principles of God:

1.    Desire to create, universal Tamas

2.    Actual creation, universal Rajas

3.    Ideal of perfection, universal Sattva

The three creative principles, together, are called Prakriti (in Sanskrit) and procreatrix (in Latin). Prakriti is the mother-creator.  She creates, but she receives her power of creation from God. In reality, she is God’s true creative instrument.

 -Swami Premananda, “The Law of Self-Manifestation”



O thou indwelling Self, thou giver of life to the body, within thy almighty power rests the good of thy creation. Guide us by thy wisdom. May we always remember thy presence within and around us. May thy protection and peace be upon all humanity and upon thy entire creation.

-Svetasvatara Upanishad, Ch 3, Translation by Swami Premananda

Giving birth and nourishing; having without possessing; acting with no expectations; leading and not trying to control; this is the supreme virtue.

-Lao Tzu