Remembering the Soul

Swami Kamalanda
Speaks on "Remembering the Soul"
Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 11am

This Sunday during our worship we will remember the life of Russell Hallam Bauer. Recalling and honoring his life is an opportunity for us to reflect on the journey through life in ways that serve God and bless all with happiness, peace and wisdom -- remembering the Soul.

The Bauer family invites all present to join for a luncheon/reception in the Puja Hall of the Gandhi Center afterwards. Please join them for this sacred time and fulfillment.


From Gurus and Swamis:

"Listen, my friend, hast thou ever thought who thou thyself art and whence thou hast come?
Think; and aspire to learn the truth about all these.

"Let not thy life be guided by the consciousness of enmity or friendship, nor by that of hatred or amiability.
If thou desirest peace and emancipation, learn to be equally loving and kind to all.

"There is but one Reality that permeates thee and me and all beings.
Rise above the consciousness of separation, and realize thyself in all and all in thee."

—Swami Shankarachariya, "Moha-Mudgar"

"What can a human do to attain Wisdom? He cannot think his way to it. He must strive to receive it from above, in ever deeper meditation.

"Be not impatient.  Proceed steadfastly with your spiritual development.  Day by day, making the best use of what you know already, expand your understanding.

"Inwardly, as our souls soar high on mighty wingbeats of inspiration, thought will escape the confines of material life and embrace the vastness of Universal Wisdom."

—Swami Yogananda Paramhansa, from "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam"

"In ascending serenity
Thou dost lift my consciousness into
        transcendental bliss.
The world with its never-ending pageant
        of beauty and grace,
Life with its shadow of joy and shade of
The heart full of passion for possession
        and longing for bodily existence,
All these and even I have ceased to exist
In this ever-expanding effulgence of
        limitless immensity.

"Illumination from the eternal source of light
        overfills my inner self,
Flooding the past—present—future from
        my consciousness,
As I merge and emerge in my universal
        Self in the ocean of peace."

 —Swami Premananda, from "Prayers of Self-Realization"

Noble Thoughts: "Let Noble Thoughts come to us from every side." —Rig Veda

“Spiritual: That word is vague; nevertheless, through the dim light which reaches us across the barriers of physical existence, we seem to have a stronger faith in the spiritual Man than in the physical; and from the dimmest period of his history, Man has a feeling that the apparent facts of existence are not final; that his supreme welfare depends upon his being able to remain in perfect relationship with some great mystery behind the veil, at the threshold of a larger life, which is for giving him a higher value than a mere continuation of his physical life in the material world."

 —Rabindranath Tagore, from "The Religion of Man"

"Come then, like the self-illumined souls of the higher planes of consciousness, let us live in peace on earth."

—Buddha, from "Dhammapada: The Path of the Eternal Law"