Power of Ideal

Achariya Ajay Bauer
Speaks on "Power of Ideal"
Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 11:00am

The artist must have the vision or ideal of the finished painting to guide his brush strokes else the finished work would be nothing but random and meaningless blotches on the canvas. The pianist must have the ideal of the harmony and beauty of the music to guide his fingers or the result would be random dissonant plunking, as a cat walking across the keyboard. Our ideal of life gives meaning and cohesion to the seeming disparate and unrelated“notes” of our lives. What ideal will give this life of ours its most perfect, harmonious and beautiful expression?

—AcharIya Ajay

From the Gurus and Swamis: AUM

"The infusion of every detail of each and all actions and experiences of life with the consciousness of God and his constituent divine attributes is the secret of the blessed life of a yogi, of every person on earth."

—Swami Premananda, “Raja Yoga”

"Is Absolute Monism a religion? No, Absolute Monism is not a religion. Rather it is the ideal of spiritual experience and as such it is the fulfillment of all religions. Everyone will attain the ideal and realization of Absolute Monism ultimately because self-unfoldment and self-realization in the search for truth is universal to us all."

—Swami Kamalananda, “I Am An Absolute Monist”

"Let humanity grow in the knowledge of truth, in the power of righteousness, in the courage of self-determination, in the beneficence of noble deeds, in the wisdom of contemplation and meditation, and above all in the inner light of self-revelation and self-realization, and it's progress and peace will be permanently assured."

—Shyamacharan Lahiri, “Sayings of Shyamacharan Lahiri”

Noble Thoughts: 
"The purpose of the soul entering this body is to display her power and actions in the world, for she needs an instrument. By descending to this world, she increases the flow of her power to guide the human being through the world. Thereby she perfects herself above and below, attaining a higher state by being fulfilled in all dimensions. If she is not fulfilled both above and below, she is not complete."

—Mose de Leon, "The Essential Kabbalah"

"Honor the highest thing in the Universe; it is the power on which all things depend; it is the light by which all of life is guided. Honor the highest within yourself; for it too is the power on which all things depend, and the light by which all life is guided. . . . O Universe, all that is in tune with you is also in tune with me. Every note of your harmony resonates in my innermost being. . . . O Nature, all that your seasons bring is fruit for me. From thee come all things; in thee do all things live and grow; and to thee do all things return."

—Marcus Aurelius, "Meditations"

"The mere possession of a vision is not the same as living it, nor can we encourage others with it if we do not, ourselves, understand and follow its truths. The pattern of the Great Spirit is over us all, but if we follow our own spirits from within, our pattern becomes clearer. . . . To be blessed with visions is not enough — we must live them!"

—High Eagle,"Saints and Scholars: Be More, Do More, 

Have More" by Gavin G. Gregan