Return to the Source


Srimati Karuna
Speaks on "Return to the Source"
Sunday, September 3, 2017 at 11:00am

Each year our summer recess is a time when we go our different ways, some to travel and some to spend a little time in solitude. We then return to our Church in the attitude of service and the ideal of fellowship.

Last weekend we gathered to refresh and renew our temple grounds. This is always a time to reunite in the attention and care of our spiritual home.

As we return to our weekly congregational worship we look forward once again to sharing together our spiritual ideal: a life of self-dedication, self-purification and self-realization. 

You will note that the "Temple Offerings" we share with you each week will have a fresh look and design. The purpose of this devotional offering of thought is to turn our reflections toward the sublime. From time to time submissions will be invited for inclusion in our "Temple Offerings." You will have more to look forward to each week in the expression of our Church.

Now let us return to the source of our inspiration, guidance and wisdom.

—Srimati Karuna