Finding Solace

Srimati Karuna
Speaks on "Finding Solace"
Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 11:00am

Where do we turn for solace?

In our lives we all experience pain and sorrow. It is not only our own hardships we face but out of the compassion of soul we also "feel" the pain of others. We commiserate by sharing the heartache and despair of our fellow beings. But we also try to console and bring comfort to one another. 

We turn to sources of beauty, inspiration and strength to lighten our burden and to lift our minds. We seek guidance to empower us and those around us. We seek rays of hope that will enlighten our lives and lift us out of the darkness. 

In our spiritual study, reading is an act of prayer. We read for realization rather than for information. We find solace in the healing waters of divine expression and sacred word.

-Srimati Karuna