Be Thou a Yogi

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Srimati Karuna
Speaks on "Be Thou a Yogi"
Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 11:00am

For the past seven weeks we have shared together in our Kriya meditation series the ideal and means of Kriya yoga. Perhaps now at the conclusion of this series, we may ask ourselves, “Am I a yogi? What does it truly mean to practice yoga? What is the path? How does one live a life of yoga? At what stage of life can one be a yogi?”

We all need examples in our life to help guide us in our spiritual life. We have in the saints and sages of all times and all lands so many expressions of God-realization. Certainly, Shyamacharan Lahiri (who lived in India from 1828 to 1895) epitomized the ideal of yoga in a life dedicated to his family, friends and disciples. In his life we find an example of one who attained the highest state of self-enlightenment while living the normal home-life of love and service. He taught by his personal example that every individual has the power to gain the revelation of the Supreme Self, to be a yogi.