The Crescent Moon

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Srimati Karuna
Speaks on "The Crescent Moon"
Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 11:00am

The natural symbols of sublime devotion become to us mirrors of the Self. They reflect not only our inner revelations but inspire and guide us on the inmost path. The symbol of the crescent moon is certainly an image of beauty and reflection to the poet and the philosopher in us all. 

Many traditions follow a lunar calendar rather than a solar calendar in which religious festivals and fasts are determined by the phases of the moon. At this time of year while millions of people observe the month of Ramadan, the conclusion of this period of prayer and self-reflection will occur upon the vision of the crescent moon, marking a new month. 

Whether we draw upon the seasons, the cycles of the moon or the sun, or the rotation of the Earth, our life and that of creation around us constantly vibrates with the pure divine consciousness of the cosmic Creator. Every moment of our life may be infused with devotion and self-reflection.