The Midas Touch


Acharya Jeff Bauer
Speaks on “The Midas Touch”
Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 11:00am

We are all familiar with the myth of Midas whose touch instantaneously turned any object into gold. But we may ask what is the true value of gold? Can you eat it for sustenance? Burn it for warmth or illumination? The value of gold is what we assign to it. Is gold valuable to a dog, a horse or an elephant? “Value” is a subjective quality which we project and assign outwardly to various objects of this world. What truly is of the highest value to us? It is the golden light of God which touches and pervades all things and brings enrichment, fulfillment and happiness to our lives. To quote from a prayer by Swami Premananda, it is that “mystic light” which “illumines the whole universe” and transforms all things into “symbols of purity and holiness, beauty and perfection.”  The ability to perceive that golden light of God in all things is the true Midas touch.