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Srimati Karuna
Speaks on “Swadharma”
Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 11:00am

This Sunday we welcome you back to our weekly philosophic and devotional service. We look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces after our summer recess. Upon entering the sanctuary we receive a carefully prepared bulletin with hymns, prayers and noble thoughts. We also find the following words printed on the back:

“Everyone is essentially divine. We are the divine Self. The ideal of human existence is the recognition of our spiritual Self. Religion is the realization of our divine nature, otherwise called Self-realization. When we realize our true Self, spirituality guides our daily life and conduct. Life guided by spiritual vision insures inner contentment and world peace.”

This is our swadharma. It is our own dharma. It is the ideal that nourishes our every thought, word and deed as we progress toward a larger life. When our life is guided by a subjective ideal, it is conducive to our highest good. We learn to live by that which is inseparable from us. We learn to live by that which sustains us. We constantly work to establish the consciousness of the inner life.