Blessings of Soul

What are the blessings we count as the divine gifts of our life? Do we see only the good and the beautiful as blessings? What if we should regard every experience and encounter of life as a blessing of soul, a blessing from God? How then would we live?

With such pure and devoted consciousness we will offer thankfulness for every aspect of life. We will begin to realize our oneness with all of life. For this final Sunday worship service before our two month summer recess, we come together to share our prayers of devotion for the blessings of soul.

To Study God

We all have moments when we ask ourselves or are asked by others: What is my religion? What do I believe? 

Countless philosophers have studied and asked endless questions of the creator and the created, only to find that they must continually ask new questions and study the truth of existence ever more. What is the goal of this constant search?

How do we study God? Do we read scripture? Do we pray for enlightenment? Do we call upon nature? Do we seek a guru? Perhaps we may take comfort in our ideal that to study God, to study the soul and its activity throughout life will lead us on a path to a greater knowledge, love and existence.

The poet-composer Rabindranath Tagore, wrote: “In the freedom of consciousness we realize the sense of unity with our larger being, finding fulfillment in the dedicated life of an ever-progressive truth and ever-active love.” In order to study God, should we not study life itself?