Lead Kindly Light

As seekers of enlightenment we endeavor to realize the full meaning of the scriptural teaching “God is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth.” We glory in light of the manifested world around us yet we know that the light of the sun is but one manifestation of the effulgent and transcendental light of God. We wish to open our eyes and directly see the Light of our Divine Creator. How does the Light of God lead us and what path will follow as we walk our spiritual path? 

Divine Mother

On Mother’s Day we reflect on the divine qualities of Mother: selflessness, unconditional love, a patient, understanding, and compassionate heart. 

We all know what it means to have a “mother’s intuition,” but all souls are potentially intuitive. And yet, for many of us that faculty lies dormant. We often go against our intuition. We lack confidence. We lack clarity.

How do we develop our intuitive faculties?

Always remember to draw from that sacred, infinitely vast cosmic life energy from its source within you. It is that very life-giving power that pervades the whole universe. Awareness of that power helps to cultivate the light of intuition.