Lead Kindly Light

As seekers of enlightenment we endeavor to realize the full meaning of the scriptural teaching “God is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth.” We glory in light of the manifested world around us yet we know that the light of the sun is but one manifestation of the effulgent and transcendental light of God. We wish to open our eyes and directly see the Light of our Divine Creator. How does the Light of God lead us and what path will follow as we walk our spiritual path? 


What will lift our consciousness to the supreme source of all? What will elevate our thoughts to that which is noble and sublime? 

There is the mighty forest that raises our vision to towering heights. And there is the exalted cathedral which inspires our voice to soar in worship. 

There are majestic mountains that both span and scale our horizon. With them we climb eternally higher. There are the stars of the sky. And by their light they remove the boundaries of our universe.

Look upon the lotus as a symbol of the purity and bliss of the soul that dwells within all creation. Look upon the cross as a symbol of ascending power of the eternal, and immortal reality of God.

What power of soul will arise within us?