Children and Youth Service

Sunday School service meets at 11:00am in the Church of the Children (Shishu Bhavan) while the adult worship meets in the Golden Lotus Temple. Children of all ages, from infancy through high school, are welcome.

The staff of the Sunday School is made up of dedicated men and women who bring their love, wisdom, and example of devotion and dedication to the children.

In the four basic activities of the Sunday School, the children experience life of the soul; the welcoming activity before 11:00 a.m., in which the children and teachers sit together around the tables and informally begin their lesson through coloring, reading, and interacting with each other; the opening circle, in which the children learn to worship through prayer, hymns, offering, and meditation; the prayer rug, in which the children and teachers listen to and discuss the lesson prepared by a fellow teacher; and, lastly, creative work, in which the children express in some way the principles they have just learned about.

Guided through these experiences, the children are taught the same message that is conveyed in the Temple and the Gandhi Center - the life of the soul - using materials and activities appropriate to children. Above all, the children are taught the value, importance, and technique of daily meditation and prayer wherein their inner lives may be established on the realization of God and his righteousness.